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Swachh Cycle Packaging Re-Cycle Program

Welcome to Swachh Cycle 

A Sustainable Earth Initiative by Aloe Veda


How does our Recycle Program work?
  • Visit our website and register as an Eco Ninja.
  • Do not throw away the empty plastic containers, plastic wrapping, etc after you have finished your favorite beauty or food products. Containers can be of any brand.
  • Clean the empty packs and start collecting them in a cardboard box.
  • Once you have collected a box full of empties, mail us at
  • Our executive will connect with you at the earliest and arrange a pick for the empties.
  • Pack the box securely from all ends.
  • Write down your contact details on paper and paste it over the box.
  • We will dispose the shipment responsibly and credit your account with 10X of the disposed value within 15 days of pickup.
  • Its our way of rewarding planet lovers like you and show that we care. We just want the oceans, landfills, ground water and rivers free of plastic waste.


 What do you get in return?

  • For every box of empties collected and disposed, Aloe Veda rewards you 10X of the value as Reward Points.
  • The reward points do not expire and can be redeemed anytime in future
  • This rewards program is our way of partnering with our customers and showing that together we can make a small start in saving our planet.


 How to redeem the points?

  • Login to your My Account and check for the Rewards Points Credit.
  • Add products to cart.
  • Checkout and use the accumulated points for shopping. Its that simple.


Volunteer with Swachh Cycle

Swachh Cycle is a business division of Fortune Group, the promoters of Aloe Veda. We need energetic volunteers to work with us for a clean and beautiful community and a sustainable planet. The key benefit of being a Swachh Cycle Volunteer is the personal satisfaction the volunteer assignment brings you as you make a positive impact on the environment. We arrange pickups & recycling for the largest set of household and industrial waste. We strive to have the most comprehensive partnerships of recycling resources. 

As a Volunteer, you will find that starting and leading a common program within your local community is simply a matter of contacting your building or neighborhood homeowners association, office, human resources or local municipal departments to find out what their policies are and how they can be persuaded to change them. Encouraging and motivating others to follow your vision will increase your leverage with your organization and develop your leadership skills.

If you are unable to compel the governing body to adopt a recycling program, you can certainly contact us and we will collect your materials and deliver them to designated drop-off locations.

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