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Against Animal Testing

Aloe Veda believes passionately that animals should not be used for cosmetic testing. We have never tested our products on animals. Similarly, we insist that all our suppliers have not tested their ingredients on animals for cosmetic purposes. Were incredibly proud of our dedication to this issue, and our campaigning against cosmetic animal testing. We believe that there is no way to justify testing cosmetics or any of their ingredients on animals. The only way to check that they are safe for humans is to test them on humans. All our products and ingredients are plant-based and vegetarian.

Support Community Fair Trade and Organic Farming

All our products are responsibly sourced through our long term trading relationships and we do more than give a fair price. We offer our suppliers a predictable and regular income for their family and the security and confidence to develop their own businesses. In turn we can access some of nature’s finest ingredients, which are grown and harvested by expert local farmers, and our accessories are made using time-honoured techniques, helping to preserve a traditional way of life. We will also wherever possible, seek to use Community Fair Trade ingredients and Organic Ingredients in our products. In the process, Community Fair Trade allows our suppliers to build better futures for themselves and their communities.

Defend Human Rights and Build Self Esteem

We ask our suppliers to sign the Code of Conduct which supports our campaign to improve conditions for all workers in the supply chain and to uphold their human rights. This code is strictly enforced and monitored to ensure standards are met regarding child labour, discrimination, and employee pay, hours and working conditions. We’re committed to using responsibly sourced ingredients wherever possible, and working with the communities and people who supply us.

We strive to use imagery that respect women, and to bring you products that enhance your natural beauty and express your unique personality. Our philosophy is that looking good stems directly from feeling good.

Waste Reduction

We strongly feel the need to be proactive in the battle against climate change. We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our business practices and reduce our carbon footprint. We believe that the best way to tackle recycling is not to create the waste in the first place and Aloe Veda has been able to do this by considering the need for packaging at the design stage and aims to use minimum amount of packaging materials for its products. We use less than 1/4th the packaging materials a comparable cosmetic company would use just by selling products without packaging. We measure the weight and volume of packaging relative to its contents, and our pack-to-content ratio will always be minimal packaging per gram of product. e.g. our packaging for Bathing Bars uses most simple label and shrink-wrap packaging that aims to just protect and display the product and avoids gross waste of paper and board. By using our products, our customers get an opportunity to save and conserve the environment for our children and grand-children.

Protecting our Planet

We choose our raw materials carefully and only use ingredients known to be non-toxic to organisms that live in soil and water. Raw materials which are classified as persistent and bioaccumulative and toxic will not be used. All the foaming ingredients in the formula are readily biodegradable, and at least 75% of the carbon-based substances are non-persistent in the environment. A substance is defined as biodegradable if more than 60% of it is broken down into simpler chemicals within 28 days by living organisms generally found within the environment. A substance is non-persistent if it is capable of decomposing rapidly under natural conditions.