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Mild Shampoo & Wild Lily Conditioner Review

Aloe Veda Shampoo and Conditioner Review

After my pregnancy, my hair started falling aggressively. I was really worried and approached a homeopathic doctor. She advised me to use less harsh products on my hair like the herbal ones. Till then I was using shampoo by Pantene and himalaya protein conditioner. I found my hair very rough after wash and always thought that it’s that dirty Chennai water which is the culprit. These days water comes in brown color in the taps and I wonder why none is bothered! When my shampoo and conditioner got over I decided to try some herbal brands and himalaya has already proved to be a wrong choice apart from their lip butter. I was thinking of buying Nyle shampoo but then the pharmacy in our office campus had products from a brand called Aloe Veda. I decided to try it out. They had lot of skin care and hair care products and I found shampoo and conditioner hiding behind a couple of bottles. I picked them up. The packing doesn’t have anything exciting about it. It looks like a medicine bottle rather. But normally good things comes disguised so I had determined to buy them. I found them a bit costlier than many other brands though I have not heard about this particular brand. 200ml for INR130. Still not very expensive.

The products on my shelf

Closer look of the bottles

The shelf life of shampoo is 3 yrs whereas that of the conditioner is 2 yrs.

Key ingredients of the shampoo : SLES-50%, Coco-Di Enthanolamid-3%, Aloe Vera gel-2%,Allantoin-1%,Kathon CG,D Panthenol,Biotin,Green apple extract 1%

Key ingredients of the conditioner :Aqua,SLES-1.4%,Cetostearyl Alcohol-6%,Aloe Vera gel-1%,Honey,Citric Acid, Alomond oil, Jojoba  oil,Panthenol, Henna,Bringraj, Jalamari, Biotin, Wild Lilly Essential Oils

Today morning I had my first hair wash with these products. The shampoo bottle says it’s mild shampoo so I took a larger quantity of the product and regretted. It formed lather like any other shampoo. It’s a clear liquid which looks just like coconut oil with medium thick consistency.Just a faint pleasant fragrance.It looks like this.

The shampoo on my palm

Lather formed by the shampoo

Now after rinsing off the shampoo I applied the conditioner. This time I was careful not to waste the product.To my surprise the conditioner also formed lather though lesser than that of the shampoo.The conditioner is opaque with a thick consistency.

The conditioner on my palm

Lather formed by conditioner

While rinsing off the conditioner after application of a period of 1 minute I felt that my hair became smooth. Since I got late for office I didn’t check the results at home. Once reaching office I opened my hair to comb it neatly and leave it open since it was still damp. I was really taken aback by the smooth and silky texture despite the brown color dirty metro water which I used to wash my hair!I didn’t even blow dry or style my hair after the wash.

I have posted the photo of my hair after wash and you can see that I am not exaggerating I will definitely give these products a rating of 5/5 and will purchase them again!

My hair once it got dried naturally

I fell in love with this brand now. I have decided that I will try their other products also now.