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Aloe Vera Gel Review

🚫I have bought this product with my own money and this isn't sponsored ,and I have tried and tested it for an ample time before reviewing it🚫

▶️PRICE : Rs110.
▶️CLAIMS :Nourishes ,Sooths ,Hydrates and Moisturises.
▶️PROS : It is all in one package as it contains Green Tea extracts and vitamin E
2 : It nourishes, hydrates the skin.
3 :It makes your skin look young and bright.
4 :It gives soothing effect to your skin.
5: I have used it along with tea tree oil for treating my pimples and it worked perfectly on my skin.
▶️CONS : No Cons.
▶️It is the best aloe vera gel I have come across (THANKS TO NYKAA) This is my 10th purchase of this amazing formula. Definitely recommend you to buy it as it is natural pure , preservative free and The aloe vera is grown without the use of pesticides.
▶️MY RATING : 5/5.
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