Garbin Sack BioSack (Black)- 30 pulls (450 x 550 mm) - Pack of 3

Rs. 330
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Product Description

Garbin BioSack (Black) is designed to help you dispose of waste in a hygienic manner.


.: Premium ; Double Sealed ; 100% leak-proof
.: Made of clean, high strength virgin plastic to provide high strength
.: No toxic gases generted while incineration 
.: Size 450 mm x 550 mm
.: Regular use, prevents secondary infections caused due to insects, flies and rodents in the kitchens, bathrooms and storage rooms

.: Coloured Black for differentiaion. Use for non-compostable Kitchen waste.



Virgin HMHDPE, specially blended with Biodegradability & Bio Composting enabling additions

How to Use

To use, open the packet along the perforation provided. Pull one Garbin at a time and insert into dustbin. Wash hand thorougly after insertion. To remove, knot the Garbin Sack from the top. Dispose in common dustbin. Wash hands thoroughly with Soap after

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