How we Formulate

Vegetarian/ Vegan

All our products and active ingredients are either plant-derived or vegetarian. We have also embraced the Vegan approach and are in the final stage of phasing out the use of animal-derived ingredients from most of our product line. We are proud to inform that soon all our products will be certified Vegan.

Cruelty Free

Aloe Veda does not test its products on animals. Similarly, we insist that all our suppliers have not tested their ingredients on animals for cosmetic purposes. We are proud of our dedication to this issue, and our campaigning against cosmetic animal testing. We believe that there is no way to justify testing cosmetics that are used by humans on animals. The only way to check that they are safe for humans is to test them on humans.

No child labour

We do not use Child Labour in our production or packaging lines.

Paraben Free

We do not use paraben preservatives in any of our products. All our products contain skin friendly preservatives and food grade preservatives. We have also started efficacy testing of plant-based preservatives and soon will be able to use these in our formulations.

Low SLES / SLS Free / Sulphate Free Range

We do not use SLS in any of our products. All our Hair, Face and Body Cleansers are safe and made with low SLES levels. We have also introduced sulphate-free products in our Face and Hair Care range.

Mineral Sunblocks
All our heavy duty Sunscreen Creams & Lotions are made with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.

Usage of Plant Oils / No Mineral Oil

We do not use Mineral Oils in any of our products. All our emollient oils are plant, fruit or nuts derived. We extensively use Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Sesame Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all our formulations. Our exclusive Skin Care products contain Cold-pressed Avocado Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, steam-distilled Grape Seed Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. We believe our oil based products are safe and will keep our customers healthy and happy in the long run.
Usage of Plant Butters / No Petroleum-derived waxes
We do not use petroleum based waxes in our Lip Butters, Creams and Lotions. All our butters and lotions and made with Plant Butters such as Shea, Mango, Kokum and Cocoa Butter apart from plant based oils. We use Bees Wax, Xanthan Gum and Carrageenan Extracts for thickening and stabilizing our creams and butters.

Sustainable Environmental Practices & Minimal Packaging

Aloe Veda has been proactive in the battle against climate change by considering the need for packaging at the design stage and aims to use minimum amount of packaging materials for its products. We use less than 1/4th the packaging materials a comparable cosmetic company would use just by selling most of our products without outer packaging. We measure the weight and volume of packaging relative to its contents, and our pack-to-content ratio will always be minimal packaging per gram of product. e.g. our packaging for Bathing Bars uses most simple label and shrink-wrap packaging that aims to just protect and display the product and avoids gross waste of paper and board. All our packaging is made with recyclable materials and our cartons and packing materials are fully recycled.

By using our products, our customers get an opportunity to be sensitive to the animals, general community and personal health and wellness and save and conserve the environment for our children and grand-children.