Aloe Veda is a Ethical & Natural Luxury Wellness brand with a suite of outstanding products that blend together the goodness of the wonder plant Aloe Vera, the knowledge of the ancient science of Ayurveda, healing Natural Herbs and Essential Oils blended with cosmetic grade natural and man-made carriers in a functional form for daily use products, that include Hand-made Bathing Bars, Butter Soaps, Baby Care products, Fragrance-Free Soaps, Sulphate-free and Low-Sulphate Shampoos, Showers gels, Liquid Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, Herbal Hair Oils, Hair Packs, Moisturizers, Massage Oils, Hair Therapy Oils, After Bath Oils, Essential Oils, Body Butter, Body Lotions, Face Packs, Masques, Scrubs, Talcum Powder, etc among others.

Each product is highly functional and a combination of art, nature and technology brought together to give you an unique and next generation wellness experience.

Mission Statement

To make a difference, by growing our business and making our profits only by selling products, that protect our beautiful planet and the people and animals who depend on it and which carry great value for our customers and that make them happy & healthy using them.

The Aloe Veda Pledge

True beauty comes from confidence, vitality and inner well being. We believe that nature’s way is the best and only way to be beautiful. We seek out pure and wonderful natural ingredients from all parts of the world, we blend them in our products and we bring you products bursting with effectiveness and zing to enhance your natural beauty. We strive to protect our beautiful planet and the people and animals who depend on it. We don’t do it superficially or because it’s fashionable. We do it because, to us, it’s the only way to make a difference.

All our products are made from natural fruit and vegetable extracts, finest essential oils, plant glycerin and safe synthetic ingredients and are paraben free, petroleum free, child labor free and cruelty-free. All our products are vegetarian.